If you’re looking for a bulk bill chiropractor near the Brisbane CBD or the suburbs of Newstead, Newfarm, Teneriffe or Hamilton, this article has the information you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn more about how you can book a consultation with your chiropractor and benefit from the Medicare rebate.

What is Bulk Billing?

Bulk billing is when your doctor submits the bills directly to Medicare as payment for the services provided to you. Many medical practices offer 100% bulk billing which means that there is no out of pocket payment for you as the patient as Medicare will pay your full consultation fee.

Some practices may charge you a gap payment, which is the difference between the Medicare prescribed rate and the consultation fee charged by the practice. Others may charge you the full fee for the consultation up front and then it is up to you to submit the bill to Medicare in order to receive your rebate. The Medicare rebate that will be paid back to you may only cover a percentage of the full fee so it is up to you to check with the practice before scheduling your appointment as to whether they offer 100% bulk billing or not.

Bulk bill chiropractor FAQ’s

Can a chiropractor bulk bill in Australia?


Yes they can bulk bill provided that you have one of the following; a Chronic Disease Management (formally an Enhanced Primary Care or EPC) referral. A Department of Veteran Affairs gold or white card. Or a WorkCover case number.

You will need the appropriate referral from your GP to access the Department of Veteran Affairs, Chronic Disease Management or WorkCover benefits. With the appropriate referral from your doctor, your chiropractor will be able to bulk bill the relevant department directly. You may or may not be responsible for a gap payment, which is the difference between the Medicare approved rebate rate and the fee charged by the chiropractor’s practice. Please get in contact with the practice to check what the gap payment will be for your consultation.


What is the Chronic Disease Management plan?


The CDM plan is for patients with a chronic medical condition who require a structured treatment approach from a multidisciplinary team. For example, their GP and two other health or allied health care providers.


How many chiropractic visits do you get on Medicare?


Your GP can prescribe you a maximum of five visits per year with a chiropractor or other allied health provider. Unfortunately this is the limit and cannot be increased.


How do I get chiropractic treatment on the Medicare CDM plan?

Your eligibility for treatment on a CDM plan is assessed by your GP. If you have been suffering with a chronic condition, one that has lasted longer than 6 months duration or have other health issues, then you may be eligible. Although there isn’t a complete list of eligible conditions, some common conditions include musculoskeletal conditions, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, depression, anxiety, emphysema and many more.

Can a chiropractor help get me onto a CDM plan?

Yes certainly we can help. If you have already seen us for an assessment then we can contact your GP, explain our findings and what treatment protocols we recommend. This allows the GP to get a better understanding of what the chiropractor can do for the patient. Overall this leads to better outcomes for the patient when there is good communication between the GP and the chiropractor.

How do you make a booking to see a bulk billing chiropractor?

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