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Can Tight Hamstrings Cause Low Back Pain?


I’ve worked with many patients over the years who have been told by healthcare providers that their tight hamstrings are the cause of their low back pain. They’ve been given hamstring stretches which results in little to no effect on the actual length of their hamstrings or their back pain. It is a common [...]

Can Tight Hamstrings Cause Low Back Pain?2021-01-29T10:20:05+10:00

Stretches & Exercises For Recreational Golfers


The reality is that most of us need to earn a living to play golf, we don’t earn a living playing golf and we certainly don’t train like the pro golfers do. The problem with spending all day behind a desk is that it can alter your biomechanics by causing stiffness [...]

Stretches & Exercises For Recreational Golfers2020-12-04T18:17:17+10:00

Shockwave Therapy: The Best Treatment for Tendonitis


In this blog post, we’ll explore this new technology that is making waves (no pun intended) in the world of manual therapy & sports medicine. Shockwave therapy is a form of mechanotherapy and has nothing to do with electrical shocks. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is an evidence-based, non-surgical and highly effective technology for treating tendonitis, [...]

Shockwave Therapy: The Best Treatment for Tendonitis2020-12-07T09:26:38+10:00

Injury Prevention Tips For Runners


In this blog post, I will discuss some common training errors that novice runners make. I’ll also discuss ways you can that modify your training routine to help reduce your risk of running injuries. Introduction Running as a sport has been gaining popularity over the years. Its growth has been exponential in [...]

Injury Prevention Tips For Runners2020-12-07T09:32:54+10:00

Is it better to stretch before or after a CrossFit WOD?


A question that I often get asked by my CrossFit patients is if they should stretch before or after their WOD (Workout Of the Day)? They want to be able to perform at their best and reduce their chances of injury. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t that simple. This blog post will explore the different [...]

Is it better to stretch before or after a CrossFit WOD?2020-12-07T09:34:00+10:00

COVID-19 Update


In a matter of weeks our world has been completely transformed. Social distancing and other measures have been put in place in order to "flatten the curve". Unfortunately pain and injuries don't take a vacation just because our world is in chaos. I am still available should any patients need treatment during this time. [...]

COVID-19 Update2020-12-07T09:34:50+10:00

The Ultimate Guide For Better Posture


Many of us spend hours a day in front of a computer or hunched over our smartphones. Over time this can cause anterior head carriage (when your head extends out in front of your body), rounding of the shoulders and thoracic spine. Poor posture is more than just an aesthetic issue. Over activity and [...]

The Ultimate Guide For Better Posture2020-12-07T09:35:26+10:00

Dry Needling: Everything You Need to Know


Dry needling is one of the techniques used fairly regularly here at Prime Health Co. You may have heard about this technique before, but what is it actually used to treat? Are there any risks involved? Is it the same as traditional Chinese acupuncture? All those questions and more are answered in this post. [...]

Dry Needling: Everything You Need to Know2020-12-10T10:07:01+10:00

Bulk Bill Chiropractor Brisbane


If you’re looking for a bulk bill chiropractor near the Brisbane CBD or the suburbs of Newstead, Newfarm, Teneriffe or Hamilton, this article has the information you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn more about how you can book a consultation with your chiropractor and benefit from the Medicare rebate. What is [...]

Bulk Bill Chiropractor Brisbane2020-12-07T12:24:45+10:00

What Can a Sports Chiropractor Do For You?


What is sports chiropractic? Sports chiropractic is a branch within the profession that focuses on maximised athletic performance and injury management through the application of the highest quality treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries. Sports chiropractors have a strong interest in pain management, soft tissue therapy and exercise rehabilitation. They take [...]

What Can a Sports Chiropractor Do For You?2020-11-18T15:14:29+10:00