WorkCover Chiropractic Treatment

The goal is to rehabilitate you from a work-related injury back to full physical fitness as quickly as possible.

Our chiropractors are registered WorkCover providers

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We’ll discuss your injury with your GP and WorkCover case officer. All you need to do is bring your Work Capacity Certificate from your GP and we’ll do the rest.

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Treatment sessions in the clinic are focused on getting you out of pain and moving without limitations.

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Rehabilitation exercises are an important part of your return-to-work recovery. We’ll develop a specific rehabilitation program that’ll speed up your recovery and reduce your chances of re-injury.

WorkCover injuries that we treat

We treat both muscular and skeletal issues caused by repetitive overuse or acute trauma.

  • Muscle strains or tears while handling heavy objects

  • Slips, Falls & Trauma

  • Joint or ligament sprains

  • Low back, sciatica & disk herniations

  • Tendinitis or tendinopathy from repetitive manual tasks

  • Whiplash due to motor vehicle accidents

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What services do we provide WorkCover patients?

The chiropractors at Prime Health Co. provide a range of services that can be tailored to suit your specific injury and treatment preference. Our treatment protocols are based on current peer-reviewed research.

Some of the treatment techniques that we use are:

  • Massage, stretching & fascia release
  • Dry needling

  • Joint mobilisations & adjustments

  • Taping with Kinesio or Dynamic tape

  • Shockwave (Radial pressure wave) therapy

  • Cupping therapy with movement


Active rehabilitation is an important part of your recovery process. Specific strengthening and stretching exercises are an effective way to help manage pain, improve recovery times and reduce your chances of re-injury.

We aim to introduce rehabilitation exercises into your treatment plan as early as possible. Your program will be tailored specifically to your injury and physical demands of your occupation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the WorkSafe QLD website by clicking here. The website has all the steps you need to follow in order to make a claim.

If you need any help we can certainly guide you in the right direction.

There is a specific form called a Work Capacity Certificate. This needs to be completed by your GP and given to you. It will have a case number on it that we will use to process your claim.
Yes, we’ll start treatment at your first session.
No you will not. WorkCover payments cover the full cost of all of your consultation and treatments.

This all depends on the nature and severity of your injury and what your case officer has approved. Additional sessions can be given after we report to your case officer and update them on your progress.

Some chiropractors will only treat the spine, that is just their personal style of treatment.

Our chiropractors have a special interest in treating muscles, tendons and other soft tissues in all regions of the body as well as the spine.

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