Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Therapy.

Empowering Athletes & Non-Athletes Alike To Overcome, Heal & Thrive.

Redland Bay Chiropractor, Dry Needling & Shockwave Therapy

Prime Health Co. is a chiropractic & musculoskeletal clinic located in Redland Bay & Grange. Our goal is to help our patients of all ages improve their mobility, enhance recovery, and allow them to perform at their best.

We use some of the latest treatment techniques and technology in our clinic to provide safe & effective treatment of the spine, sports & musculoskeletal conditions.

Brisbane Chiropractor Dr Michael Benporath

What We Offer




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Improve Your Mobility, Reduce Pain, Perform Better

Chiropractors use various tools to identify and treat issues of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Our treatments allow your body to move well, reduce pain and help keep you active.

Whatever your goals are, we’ll help get you there.

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