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Redlands Chiropractor

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We use multiple techniques that work best for your condition, such as myofascial soft tissue therapy, manual chiropractic adjustments, dry needling or rehabilitation exercises.

What you can expect

Chiropractors are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of spinal and musculoskeletal conditions, including back and neck pain, sports injuries, sciatica, headaches, shoulder, hip and knee pain, soft tissue and tendon disorders.

At your first session we’ll take a thorough history about your presenting complaint, injury or pain. We’ll discuss your past medical history to help uncover any additional risk factors that could affect your recovery . Next we’ll discuss what your expectations are and what you would like to achieve from these treatment sessions.

We’ll then perform a thorough examination consisting of a number of physical, orthopaedic and neurological tests. This allows us to diagnose your complaint, give you a clear explanation of what is the cause is, how we’re going to treat it and how long we expect a your recovery to take.

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Our Treatment Approach

When it comes to treatment we have a wide range of tools and techniques on offer. Our treatment approach is primarily “hands-on”. What it means is that we we use techniques such as dry needling, massage, myofascial release & cupping to help release tight muscles and soft tissues.

Chiropractors also aim to restore normal movement of the joints in the spine and extremities. We do this by providing manual adjustment, manipulation and or mobilisation techniques to improve movement in restricted joints. Our Redlands Chiropractor can adapt his techniques to suit every body type and treatment preference, providing safe and effective musculoskeletal care.

Meet Our Redlands Chiropractor

Dr Michael Benporath is a registered chiropractor with a post-graduate international certificate in sports chiropractic. He enjoys treating musculoskeletal pain or injuries involving the spine, hips, shoulders and feet. Although he comes from a sporting background, he adapts his treatment methods and techniques to suit patients of all ages.

His special interests involve golf and tennis-specific biomechanical assessments, injury treatment and prevention programs. He also enjoys treating strength training and CrossFit injuries.

Redlands chiropractor Dr Michael Benporath

Location & Contact Details

  • Inside “Life Zest Health” – Unit 4/16 Weippin Street, Cleveland

  • Phone: (07) 2103 5896

  • Free 2P Parking is available for patients in the parking lot next to the Snap Fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide treatment at the first appointment.

Very rarely do we need to refer you out for further tests or scans before starting your treatment.

We use a number of different techniques depending on the nature of the condition we’re treating and our patient’s personal treatment preferences. Techniques such as dry needling, shockwave therapy, myofascial release are used to treat muscles, tendons and other soft tissues.

Joints are treated with hands-on mobilisations and manipulation to improve range of motion. Alternatively if we need to restrict or limit joint range of motion we’ll use Dynamic Tape or Kinesiology tape to achieve that.

No you will not. Taking X-rays of every patient before treatment is an outdated style of practice. The majority of the patients that we see don’t require X-rays.

There are a few instances where we might refer for X-rays or MRI’s if we suspect that there may be a more serious pathology responsible for your symptoms.

Our chiropractor has a special interest in treating muscles, tendons and other soft tissues in all regions of the body as well as the spine.

This varies from chiropractor to chiropractor. Some choose will treat the spine with manipulation only, that is just their personal style of treatment.

Good question – I get asked this a lot and I will be explaining this further in a blog post.

An extremely oversimplified answer is that physio’s are good at making things stable (with exercise) and chiro’s are good at making things mobile (with “hands-on” treatment and manual therapy).

Many physio’s take a “hands-off” approach, using exercise prescription to help your pain or injury. Now this isn’t the case for all physio’s and I have worked with some great ones who combine manual therapy and rehab together.

Chiropractors are trained to be “hands-on” when treating patients. For many chiropractors, manipulation is their only tool. Manipulation or “adjustments” can be a really effective tool when used for the right conditions, but some conditions require a mix of adjustments, soft tissue therapy and prescriptive exercise which is the way we work here at Prime Health Co.

It’s all about finding that healthcare provider that is well suited to your body and your goals, whether they’re a chiro, physio, osteo, massage therapist etc.

Click the “Book-Online” button where you’ll find our fees for each service.

Yes absolutely. Joint adjustments are just one of the methods that we use. If that is something that you would prefer to not to have as part of your treatment there are alternative methods that we can use to mobilise the joints and release the surrounding muscles.

Yes we accept all private health funds. Your rebate will be processed instantly on our HICAPS terminal.

Our Redlands chiropractic clinic is located inside Life Zest Health, Unit 4/16 Weippin Street, Cleveland QLD 4174

Free 2P Parking is available for patients in the parking lot next to the Snap Fitness. Click Here to view the parking lot location on google maps

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