Stretches & Exercises For Recreational Golfers


The reality is that most of us need to earn a living to play golf, we don’t earn a living playing golf and we certainly don’t train like the pro golfers do. The problem with spending all day behind a desk is that it can alter your biomechanics by causing stiffness [...]

Stretches & Exercises For Recreational Golfers2021-08-03T14:14:42+10:00

Is it better to stretch before or after a CrossFit WOD?


A question that I often get asked by my CrossFit patients is if they should stretch before or after their WOD (Workout Of the Day)? They want to be able to perform at their best and reduce their chances of injury. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t that simple. This blog post will explore the different [...]

Is it better to stretch before or after a CrossFit WOD?2021-07-29T15:33:28+10:00

The Ultimate Guide For Better Posture


Many of us spend hours a day in front of a computer or hunched over our smartphones. Over time this can cause anterior head carriage (when your head extends out in front of your body), rounding of the shoulders and thoracic spine. Poor posture is more than just an aesthetic issue. Over activity and [...]

The Ultimate Guide For Better Posture2021-06-28T15:06:58+10:00