Sound Beginnings Allied Health

Supporting babies, children and families with:

  • Breastfeeding challenges
  • Dysphagia and delayed eating skills

  • “Picky” eaters

  • Delayed talking

  • Speech sound errors

  • Reading and Spelling

  • Stuttering

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Meet The Speech Pathologists

Jessica Hadju

Jessica Hajdu


Jessica is a paediatric Speech Pathologist and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with a special interest in feeding dfificulties in infants and children as well as early language development. She graduated from the University of QLD with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology in 2009 and further qualified as an IBCLC in 2017. She has worked in a range of paediatric positions in Australia and the UK and opened Sound Beginnings Allied Health in 2018.

Meet The Allied Health Assistants

Emilia Kerr – 3rd year Speech Pathology student

Grace Cole – 3rd year Speech Pathology student

Amy McKitrick – 4th year Speech Pathology student

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