Dr. (TCM) Noraini Zakaria

BHSc Acupuncture

Nori has been passionate about the benefits of massage for several years before she decided on a career change. While still working full-time, she applied to study Traditional Chinese Medicine in Brisbane, and in 2022 with her friend Ada, founded Amber & Flow.

Her interest in traditional Chinese medicine was not a coincidence because she practised reflexology as far back as 1995 after being gifted a book on this topic.

How It All Started

Nori focuses her TCM practise on post-natal recovery for mothers. She observed that many new mothers are ill-prepared to cope with their newborns, such as learning breastfeeding techniques and adjusting to new routines that come with motherhood. Besides providing these mothers Tui Na massage and Acupuncture, Nori has been providing guidance on posture, and methods to increase the flow of breast milk. However, she found that for the most part, mothers appreciated the rest and healing provided by traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese massage, acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping are some of the methods she frequently uses.

Family Heritage

Growing up among traditional healers, Nori was welcomed to the world at home by her great-aunt. She had witnessed some of her siblings birthed at home too. Her great-aunt was the village midwife, a recognised practitioner by the Rural Health Department. Her great uncle was also a famous masseur.

Her earliest memories of being involved in the art of healing were helping her great-aunt prepare herbal pastes and herbal infusions into massage oil – this was a most exciting experience!

Nori learnt that certain types of food should be prepared for post-partum mothers to help them in the healing process. There are strict post-partum confinement periods that must be adhered to, which will assist in women restoring their health for the long term.

Lamaze Technique

While being pregnant with her eldest child in the USA, she was introduced to the Lamaze technique, a breathing method to assist muscular relaxation during labour. She plans to educate more child-bearing women in this technique in her practice.

For her own self-care, Nori practices yoga, pilates and enjoys 5km park runs on the weekend.

Her advice to everyone is to adopt a healthy diet, exercise sufficiently to move the qi, blood and body fluid, and adopt good relaxation techniques when things begin to feel overwhelming. She encourages everyone to listen to their bodies, and receive monthly treatments like massage or acupuncture to nourish the body, remove stagnation and return the free flow of qi.

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